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"The more I work and practice, the luckier I seem to get.” - Gary Player


deal golfing trips to Ireland start with the 'Knowlege' of what's available. From world renown Championship courses to 'hidden gems' we've listed the very best 75 Clubs from reviewing the all 'pundits' out there. Indeed if you only played 5 courses a year, it would take a mighty 15 years before you'd exhaust this superb listing! So to simplify matters, we offer all travellers to Ireland with an opportunity to customise, to 'mix and match' according to the area of Ireland you are visiting and of course the challanges you seek. In addition we offer clients the ability to choose from a superb selection of pre-planned tour itineraries from our luxury 'Golf Packages'. Remember, that all our itineraries can incoporate superb tourist activities for non-golfers too; give us a call we'd be delighted to here from you.

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