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offer every visitor to Ireland a personalised service that's backed up with 28 years experience as guide, tour operator and holiday brochure producer for a number of major travel companies both here and in Britain. Even in semi-retirement, I now enjoying my time as a professional driver, and chauffuer as  it's near impossible to give up the travel bug. Indeed, it's a pure delight to escort and guide visitors to new places and new experiences. Whilst I've put together a superb selection of 'Signature' tour plans, should you have a your own itinery mind simply email and I will tailor a package to suit your individual requirements. Remember too, that each tour plan highlights a combinations of days you can add, substitute, and likewise intertwine with your own ideas, ultimatley creating a great vacation to treasure - always.

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'Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,

The hills of the highlands forever I love'

Robert Burns.

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My selection of travel partners secures your service options are always formost when it comes to executing your travel plans.

Service outline, my commitment to you

As a professional driver and chauffuer, it's been a distict pleasure to work alongside a number of excellent local companies with decades of experience in thier own right. And in order to deliever your planned vacation I have partnered with these companies as an Agent, Travel planner and as your Tour Driver. The only time 'Mac' may not be driving for you is when my own diary is full or there is no availability on your chosen dates for me to drive you. Or, similarly where Airport Transfers are also involved outside of the region I'm in and moreover are not linked to a chosen tour. At all times you will be offered full options to accept or decline any arrangement if it is you wish to book my services  specifically on any travel plan.
To offer you continuiety with Transfers, which are not connected to an agreed tour arrangement, its a distinct pleasure to involve those in the industry I trust to deliver a professional and courtious service, in order to execute transfers and provide presigious transportation for tour work. Whilst you can book transfers directly on line and pay by credit card, all tours are invoiced including my driving fee from my transportation partners.
Of course I remain available at all times to oversee, every step of your visit and vacation to Ireland.